Network cooperation in Vietnam: Bioscience for Food

Coordinating university: Can Tho University (CTU)

Other partner universities:

  • Hanoi University of Agriculture
  • Hue University
  • Nha Trang University

Flemish coordinator: Koen Dewettinck (Ghent University)
Local coordinator: Toan Ha Thanh (CTU)
Operational coordination: Valerie Henrist (Ghent University)

Phase I starts on 1 April 2013
1. Joint degree Master programme in biosciences for food

Flemish network advisor: Marc Hendrickx (KU Leuven)
Local network advisor: Vu Ngoc Ut (CTU)

2. Research-based education in biosciences for food

Flemish network advisor: Filip Volckaert (KU Leuven)
Local network advisor: Ly Nguyen Binh (CTU)
3. Transversal project

Flemish network advisor: Martin Valcke (Ghent University)
Local network advisor: Nguyen Van Be (CTU)

About the partnership

In a country as Vietnam and after more than 10 years of cooperation, the country strategy identified deepening of national Vietnamese university cooperation and participation in regional, international networks around strategic themes as a priority. The themes of food security and agricultural development continue to be crucial for Vietnam. Through the creation of a 'bioscience for food'-network and bringing together a series of related efforts of the successful IUC-programme (1998-2008) VLIR-UOS hopes to extend its impact in the country.

A Network programme, to be coordinated by Can Tho University, was created around the theme of Biosciences for Food. Next to the upleveling of national/regional cooperation in the related area, the main goals are to develop curricula for joint degree MSc courses in aquaculture and food technology. More specifically the programme will create in both subproject domains joint graduate programmes and research based education. The Network programme will group the knowledge and know-how of 5 Vietnamese universities in the two disciplines: Can Tho University, Hue University, Research Institute of Aquaculture N° 2, Hanoi University of Agriculture and Nha Trang University.


Network University Cooperation



Institutional cooperation with Hue University (HU), Vietnam

Flemish programme coordinator: Peter Bossier (Ghent University)
Local programme coordinator: Nguyen Van Toan
Operational coordination: Valerie Henrist (ICOS Ghent University)  and Hoang Huu Hanh
Phase I started on 1 April 2013, Phase II started on 1 January 2019.

1. Institutional Strengthening

Flemish project leader: Gerrit Janssens (University of Hasselt)
Local project leader: Le Manh Thanh and Hoang Huu Hanh

2. Developing and improving sustainably and environmentally aquaculture and livestock crop production and quality in context of climate change challenges

Flemish project leader: Veerle Fievez (Ghent University)
Local project leader: Le Duc Ngoan and Le Dinh Phung

3. Preservation of the coastal ecosystems and natural resources under the effects of development activities and climate change

Flemish project leader: Ludwig Triest (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Local project leader: Nguyen Van Hop and Duong Van Hieu

4. Strengthening training and services at primary level to improve rural health care: a pilot intervention in central Vietnam

Flemish project leader: Anselme Derese (Ghent University)
Local project leader: Nguyen Minh Tam

5. Programme Support Unit

Flemish project leaders: Peter Bossier (Ghent University) and Valerie Henrist (ICOS Ghent University)
Local project leaders: Nguyen Van Toan an Hoang Huu Hanh

About the partnership

In Vietnam, particularly in Thua Thien Hue province, poverty reduction is high on the agenda, especially in remote and mountainous areas. Since Hue University is considered as a regional driving force with a long history and tradition in education and research, it aims at contributing to national development as well as poverty reduction in regional areas thanks to its effective training and teaching, scientific research and technology transfer.

The VLIR-IUC programme with Hue University was selected for the contribution it could give to the fulfilment of country strategic objectives. Next to the traditional focus of IUC on institutional strengthening 2 overarching themes - agricultural development/food security and rural health- were chosen as crucial for the country, region and the university. The IUC includes one institutional strengthening (transversal) project and three thematic projects which are in line with the country strategy for Vietnam and focus on a number of focal areas of Hue University.

The institutional strengthening project (P1) supports institutional management and strengthening of service support (ICT, ). The thematic projects focus on three mayor issues in the development of the region and the country: aquaculture and crop production (P2), ecosystems (P3) and rural health development (P4). P1 sets up a framework for research-based education and university governance through seminars, workshops, conferences, visits and short training courses with PhD training; P2-3-4 focus more on research but in balance with PhD training.


Institutional University Cooperation




Universities contribute to better ecosystems and rural health in Vietnam

Universities contribute to better ecosystems and rural health in Vietnam

The institutional university cooperation between Hue University and five Flemish universities focuses on on livestock, aquaculture, crop production, ecosystems and rural health

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