Objectives and Main Programme Features

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Published on 07 June 2012

With an overall programme cycle of over a decade, the IUC programme provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the institutional development of a university in the South. While such a partnership is demand initiated, the realities of contemporary academic cooperation assume that both the Northern and Southern stakeholders arrive at a jointly owned framework for cooperation that meet the wider programme objectives and align with the main features of the IUC programme.

General objective:

Empowering the local university as institution to better fulfil its role as development actor in society

This objective is to be attained through the implementation of a coherent set of interventions, guided by the strategic plan of the partner university, aimed at improving institutional policies and management and the quality of local education, research and societal service delivery.

Main Features of the IUC Partner programme:

Taking up some 30% of the overall VLIR-UOS budget, the IUC programme is the single most important operational programme. In view of its nature, visibility, and the number of academics involved, it is often considered to be a testing ground for new innovative practices including the ability to link up with VLIR-UOS North.

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