Longstanding Partnerships

With reference to the figure underneath, VLIR-UOS engages in IUC partnerships covering approximately 17 years. This period is characterised by different phases which involve varying roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders.

The figure underneath provides a summary overview of the IUC programme cycle. For more details reference is made to the IUC leaflet. 

Phase In

The Phase In of an IUC partnership is marked by the following successive steps:

  • a call for proposals followed by a preselection of IUC partner institutions
  • the commission of an external evaluation resulting in a programme mission report on the basis of which the final partnership selection is made
  • signing of a pre partner programme agreement providing resources to support the preparatory process that covers 15 to 24 months and consists of the following steps:
    • training and orientation of all stakeholders including the programme manager who is recruited by the concerned partner university
    • formulation of an Identification Phase Partner Programme (IPPP)
    • matchmaking mission to Flanders
    • appointment of Flemish project leaders
    • formulation mission to the partner concerned
    • review and expected approval of a Phase I Partner Programme 


 Partner Programme: 2 successive 5-year programmes

An IUC partnership is framed by 2 successive 5-year Partner Programmes (Phase I and Phase II). A Phase II Partner Programme is granted subject to a positive midterm evaluation in year 3-4 of Phase I.

A Phase II Partner Programme may necessitate an additional more modest matchmaking and formulation process.  

Phase Out

Following a 10-year period of earmarked funding, IUC partnerships enter into a 5-year period of post IUC support. In this regard a distinction is made between:

  • the Phase Out programme (year 11 and 12 if considering Phase I & II as year 1-10)
  • post IUC support

In order to facilitate the termination of the partner programme phase, limited support is provided such that scholars can graduate, and the financial reporting cycle can be closed. In addition, a closing event during which the results of the final evaluation are discussed, as well as equipment handover is organised, marks the end of this phase. Administratively, this is framed by a Phase Out Activity Programme.

Post IUC support consists mainly in providing access to a number of mostly competitive IUC funds and/or activities. Among others, post IUC support is provided through:

  • the IUC Research Initiatives Programme (RIP)
  • the North South South Cooperation Programme (NSSCP)
  • Close the Gap (CTG) programme for outreach initiatives
  • ongoing support through the IUC Alliances (CTG, INASP, IFS)
  • participation in partner level meetings and transversal training and exchanges/workshops
  • Own Initiatives are possible for departments which did not benefit from IUC funding during Phase II of a IUC partner programme.
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