Training workshops on educational quality assurance in Hue University in the framework of the VLIR-IUC programme

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Published on 18 December 2013

(Hue University) From 17 to 19 December 2013, training workshops on current issues in educational quality assurance were organised at Hue University. These workshops were in the Activity Plan 2013 of Project 1 (Institutional strengthening) of the programme. The training sessions were lectured by Prof Martin Valcke from Ghent University and Prof Gerrit Janssens from Hasselt University.

Contents of the two workshops are described as follows:

Workshop 1: From Learning Outcomes to ECTS (17 – 18 December 2013)


(1) Tuesday, 17/12 morning: set-up of a learning framework, learning methods, and evaluation methods;

(2) Tuesday, 17/12 afternoon: ‘learning outcomes’ and the link between learning outcomes and individual courses;

(3) Wednesday, 18/12 morning: Credit Transfer Systems and working out of the ECTS forms.

Workshop 2: Towards a Quality Handbook for Education (18-19 December 2013)


(1) Wednesday, 18/12 afternoon: analysis and final definition of quality at HU. Formulation of instruments which may be used. The concept and use of benchmarking.

(2) Thursday, 19/12 morning: formulation of a time frame for improvement of quality, starting from course material, staff and infrastructure  on course level towards program level (involving students, course coordinators, alumni, and people in the work field)

(3) Thursday, 19/12 afternoon: quality assurance embedded in an organisation; definition of the responsibilities; how will the Plan, Do, Check, Action be organized at HU?

* Documents for Workshops: Click this link to download


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