At the level of each IUC Partnership, each 5-year phase is framed by a partner programme (PP) outlining the broad programme and project objectives including the earmarked budgets.

Annually, and consistent with the PP, each IUC partnership develops an activity programme (AP) and budget. All such activity programmes are subsequently consolidated into an Annual Programme (AP) that is approved by VLIR-UOS and DGDC.

Please consult, for the different IUC partnerships, the overview of the approved 2010 and 2011 IUC Activity Programme budget in the downloadable file at the bottom of this page.

Introduction to some basic formats


The Partner Programme (PP) is the principle document outlining the operational plan and budget of an IUC partnership with one single IUC partner university. A distinction is made between a Phase I Partner Programme (Year 1 till 5) and a Phase II Partner Programme (Year 6 till 10). A PP is approved by VLIR-UOS and acknowledged by DGDC.

Formats for both a Phase I and Phase II Partner Programme are provided during the formulation phase. These formats consist of a main document with a number of programme and project level annexes. As they are not in use after year 'o' (pre partner programme) they are not provided here, but available on demand.

II. Activity Programme (AP)

The annual Activity Programmes (AP) and budgets for a year 'x' are being formulated and submitted for approval to VLIR-UOS and DGDC by 31 October of the year 'x-1'. As IUC partnerships are being implemented on the basis of annual budgets, the AP is the binding document against which annual reporting needs to be done. As such this is probably the most 'popular' IUC format, next to the Annual reporting format.

The Northern and Southern steering committees need to approve the AP prior to its submission to VLIR-UOS.

 III. Annual Report (AR)

The Annual Report (AR) of a year 'x' consists of a Annual Activity Report (AAR - Narrative overview of activities and achieved results) and an Annual Financial Report (AFR - financial spreadsheets) submitted for approval to VLIR-UOS and DGDC at the latest on 15 October of the year 'x+1'. Following this a financial control process is organised by VLIR-UOS in cooperation with the coordinating Flemish and local universities (sometimes including a local audit procedure).

 IV. PRE PARTNER PROGRAMME DOCUMENTS  (Phase-In: 15 to 18 month coverage, sometimes divided into 2 APs)

Following the selection of a new IUC partner university, a joint planning process is being initiated. These involve a number of formats as in the process the followind documents are produced:

an identification phase partner programme proposal (IPPP - formats are not available through this website),
a pre partner programme (PPP, only relevant for coordinating units) and pre partner programme report (AR of PPP, differentiated narrative AAR),
a partner programme proposal (PP document)

V. Phase Out Programme

Following a 10-year period of earmarked funding, focussed support is provided by VLIR-UOS to facilitate the closing of this phase. This support is framework by an ex-post Partner Programme covering the so-called year 11 and 12 activities and budgets.

All the available planning and reporting formats can be found on Formats and guidelines > Annual Planning and Reporting

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